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We have been engaged in online marketing since 1994 and understand the process.

All of our clients receive a comprehensive understanding of the elements of online marketing direct from my staff and Jay Servidio, the owner of

When first launching a casino site you need to know that there are thousands of FREE Casino Site Directories.

These directories work like phone books or lists of active casino/sports betting sites. You need to be listed in a minimum of 500 of these directories to get enough traffic for daily profits. These directories are visited by millions of people daily looking for gaming sites that have not seen before. For every one hundred people that visit your site between 1-3 will gamble on your site and lose 98% of the time.

You can find the list of directories by Googling “add url casino directory”.



Facebook is also a valuable tool for traffic. Once your site is done it is important to get a Facebook page up and running immediately. We can send thousands of likes to the page from people all over the world straight away after launch to give it nice traffic flow. All you have to do is post a couple times a day about player winnings to attract the people who like your page to come and visit it. Each month we add thousands of more likes to the page and continually increase traffic. With over 1.6 billion users on Facebook it is a treasure chest of traffic for your site.

Twitter is also very important to add another stream of traffic. It takes minutes and cost zero dollars to create a Twitter and Facebook page. We will get you thousands of followers to your Twitter page immediately after launch of people from all over the world. Each time you send out a Tweet your message will appear in their feed and this will create a flow of people to come to your site.

The goal here is to create as many streams of traffic as possible. These will turn into streams of revenue when the traffic reaches the goal level. The first goal is to attain at least 1000 unique visitors a day. Once you have near that goal your site will produce revenue for you each and every day. You will be able to make money legally and anonymously from home.


To summarize, the use of links from directories and the power of social media combined will bring you in the desired level of traffic to manage your cheap franchise.

Don’t forget the 150,000 brand new people each and every day coming online for the first time in their life. That is over 1,000,000 brand new people weekly coming on the net looking to be entertained 24 hours a day.

The other important issue is the legality of owning a casino & sports betting site. We partnered with a licensed casino operator in the United Kingdom. They do all the transactions and pay you 35% of the profit. We do not own the license or the gaming software and you, our client doesn’t own the license or the gaming software. You are sending traffic to a licensed casino site in Europe and receiving a cut of the profit.  You will own the site we build for you but when a player wants to place a bet they leave your site and go to the licensed casino in Europe to do their betting. Each bet is tracked back to your site with a identification code so you can get paid. You will have a username and password to track each bet 24 hours a day to monitor your progress.

It’s the only way to be involved in the business legally and make huge profits. So take a gamble on yourself and become the house. Give yourself the chance to make the kind of money you always wanted with CheapestFranchise.Vegas



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